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Janie Medley2 Comments

Happy Wednesday Beautiful People! On Monday, I chatted about being single…check it out here….so today, I’m chatting about “What NOT to do after the Breakup”…over the weekend one of my “nieces” came over to chat…I knew it must have been serious when she called me because she didn’t let the snow stop her from coming over…so I broke out the wine and the chips! She came in and I could tell from the look on her face…it must be something going on with her and her Boo! I was right…they broke up…she needed to talk and get her cry out!


They had been together for 3 years and she said in her heart, she “kind of” knew this was coming. From my experience, you know when something is wrong….yes ladies…we do have that instinct…it’s a blessing and you need to go with what you feel when it kicks in….I personally think it’s your Angel looking out for you! I know there are all kinds of breakups and you have to handle it the way that it is best for you. During my girl chat with my niece, I shared a few “what not to do after the breakup” with her….and I want to share a few with you…oh yeah, I forgot to mention that my niece was out running errands and she saw her ex having lunch with “some chick”…these are her words not mine!

Now, you know after the breakup, you’re going to run into him at some point, so….always look fab when you are out and about…now, I’m not saying you have to be all “face beat” and glam…after all, you could be coming from the gym but you can still look cute…just sayin!

Depending on how the breakup went down…you are hoping that he calls…my niece said she just knew he would call and he didn’t…she said 2 weeks went by and no call and no text….so, my question to her was…if you guys broke up and you both said it’s over, then don’t look for him to contact you…you are just setting yourself up for disappointment and hurt….I know you maybe tempted to call him and here’s the thing…if you call him and he doesn’t answer or doesn’t call you back…that just prolonging the pain. You may need to “block” his number.

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Now this maybe hard for some, but I told my niece to disconnect from all social media from him and you may want to take it a step further and disconnect with folks that you both follow to a certain degree…of course, this totally depends on the level of the breakup.

Now when you run into mutual friends or his family members, don’t get disappointed if they don’t mention your ex….my niece shared with me that she saw her ex’s sister and during the course of their conversation, she never brought him up….my response to her was…”oh, were you hoping to get a word from her letting you know that he still hopes you guys will get back together”….oh my gosh, please stop putting yourself through this…let it go.

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After the initial breakup, I think a lot of the pain that we experience is often times what we do to ourselves…how we come back from the breakup…we need to give ourselves time to get over the pain…but listen to me y’all…don’t wallow in your pain…don’t have that never ending pity party…get yourself together and live your life…Fashion deet on this look can be found here!

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You’re going to make it though the breakup…trust me…you will and you will be a stronger person and wiser person from this…don’t look back…there are so many wonderful times ahead for you….stay in prayer and know that God has a “better” for you!

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Thanks so much to my girl Ali of Alisandra Photography for capturing all the pics!