Happy Monday Beautiful People…I hope you had a wonderful weekend! So Ladies…are you all feeling the jumpsuit like I am….it’s just something about a jumpsuit that makes me feel….how should I say it….”it gives me that grown woman feel”….I really can’t explain it but I think I have a little more Naomi Campbell walk when I’m wearing a jumpsuit and Lawd…if it has pockets…I’m seriously all in because I love my pockets!


This jumpsuit is the “Creped Halter Jumpsuit” from Dress Barn. It comes in red and black…you know how much I love black and the red was out of stock in my size…and yes, she has pockets and I love the halter neckline…adds a little sultry touch to the look and it’s simply so chic and stylish. For this look, you don’t need to over accessorize…a bold lipstick, a big pair of hoop earring and a bracelet is perfect to finish off the look and definitely a pair of sexy heels or sandals! For this look I wore my black leather jacket to make the look a little edgy…I love it!


Now for a little inspiration to kick off the week…I know that it’s a new year and everyone, well maybe not everyone…but it’s the time of the year for all of the New Year Resolutions…for me….as I get older, I really don’t make any resolutions anymore because I find that I always break them (just being honest)…I’m simply trying to become a better version of myself each day…some days I have success at this and some days not so good…the main thing that I have worked on for myself is my relationship with God and I talk about this a lot…it means everything to me y’all….God has brought me through so much and got me over to the other side and I find that I have an inner peace with God that I have truly never experienced before.


I really can’t explain it except for the fact that I don’t react to certain situations like I would have a year ago..I don’t let what people say about me bother me…in fact, it’s your “Haters” that make you stronger! I admit, I had to “cut” some people out of my life in 2018 and it was definitely for the good. The main thing is that my faith has grown and my understanding of my walk with God and what it means to me! So, while it is a New Year…I bring a better version of me into this new year….it’s such a great feeling and my hope is to in some way be of encouragement and help to YOU!


This is me doing my Naomi Campbell walk….and did I mention that Ali and I were in a parking garage shooting this…YAAASSSSS…only us!….as I was parking the car, we both looked at each other and said…”let’s shoot this look here”…Ali is the “bomb dot com”! Thanks so much for stopping by today…I’m sending you all positive vibes and hugs!


Capturing all the images is my wonderful friend and AMAZING photographer,  Ali of Alisandra Photography and special thanks to Amber for all the glam…make sure you follow her here!