Happy Monday Beautiful People….Yes, this post is all about “The Single Ladies”…..”Put Your Hands Up”! So let me just start this post off by saying, I’m 59 and I have never been married and I have no children…now don’t get it twisted y’all….I’ll be a WONDERFUL wife and an AMAZING mom….I just never met the guy…..and when I say “the guy”, I’m referring to the one that I truly know that if God isn’t in the mix, it “ain’t gonna work”! Trust me!

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Now, I know I have to do my part as well….I know he’s not gonna just show up at my door one day and ring the door bell…I need to get out of the house y’all…one of the things I’ve written in my journal for 2019 is to get out more…not on a quest to meet “the guy” but to simply live life…my girlfriend TK, (I’m using her initials) we have both promised to meet up after work at least twice a month and all of us “single girlfriends” have vowed to do something on the weekends at least once or twice a month…so, this is actually good for me as I have become the serious homebody and my oldest brother follows me on social media and lets me know that I need a social life! I love him so…..yes, I’m giving him the side eye!

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I have to share that after my last relationship, I’ve been single now for about 3 and half years….I’ve taken the time to get to know Janie…to truly get to know Janie and I must say…I like Janie and I truly love Janie…after my breakup, I had lost myself and I won’t allow this to happen again….one of the main things I found out about myself is that I’m much stronger than I thought I was….I enjoy my company and just taking the time to do some things that I needed to do for myself to grow was much needed….and just let me shout from rooftop on this next statement…”It’s totally okay to say no”….I say that because I’m person that’s always there for everyone and then I suddenly woke up to the realization that I don’t have to be that person…it’s totally okay to not call someone right back, if you don’t pick up it’s okay and if something is wrong and they need me immediately, leave a message letting me know so or send a “911 text”….being the one that does all the giving in relationships is soooo draining y’all…you begin to feel used….trust me…it’s not a nice feeling being used…at least not for me…so take time out to get to know you again and you just may have to let some friendships go..and it’s okay….it’s all about finding peace within.

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So, my girlfriend TK has tried the online dating…she wants me to try it, but I just don’t want to do it y’all….more power to those who do and big ups to you if it worked out for you, but I’m gonna stay old school on this…I think I’ll be out and about one day and “boom”…he’ll see me and come up to and months later, Ali will be shooting a Janie and Her Boo photo shoot!

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Here’s the thing…I enjoy being single and if I’m in a great relationship, I’ll enjoy that as well. I don’t miss being a mom because I’m a mom, grandmother, and auntie to many and I love it and the love they all show me is simply priceless…I can honestly say that God has truly blessed me with so many wonderful young folks in my life…they are all my kids and I love them all to the moon and back!

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So, to sum up being single, don’t trip! It’s totally cool..there isn’t anything wrong with you as some people try to make you think there is…enjoy your life…like I shared earlier, get to know you! Go out and have fun and don’t be afraid to do things by yourself…I have no issue going out to dinner alone, to the movies, to the museum on a Saturday and then out to lunch, and put on your music and have a dance party in your home..…I do it all the time…music just makes me feel good…and if you want to take a trip by yourself, go for it..…I guarantee you you’ll meet other singles doing the same thing….enjoy your life and always know that you FABULOUS in a relationship and not in one…it doesn’t define who you are! Sending lots of hugs and positive vibes to you….xoxoxo

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