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The Blue Swing Coat

Janie MedleyComment
The Blue Swing Coat

Happy Friday Y’all….I hope your week has been fabulous…as I’m sitting with a cup of tea and writing this post, it is completely quiet in my home…most times I have music on in the background or I may have the television on with the sound down…but at this moment I just needed silence…sometimes I think it’s so necessary to be quiet and be still and have a talk with God…so, I’m going to hurry and write this post because I need to step away from the laptop and social media and chat with my Heavenly Father.

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I’ll be the first to admit, this is something that I need to get better with…I’m much better than I used to be, but there have been times lately when I can feel that I need to stop whatever I’m doing and have a chat with GOD…I know he wants to hear from me…I have to remind myself that I chat with my family members everyday…if not directly on the phone, we text each other…I couldn’t imagine not connecting with my family…and GOD is truly FAMILY…my Heavenly Father….so I have to take time out to chat with him on a daily basis.


So, I hope you all have an AMAZING weekend…I hope you do something fun and take time to do a little self care….and whatever you do, be kind and know that you are FABULOUS!


Now about this blue swing coat…it’s from ASOS…I got it about three years ago when it was on sale…it’s become a staple piece in my wardrobe…you can find me wearing it here and here.

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Thanks so much to my girl Ali of Alisandra Photography for capturing all the pics and to my girl Erika of Erika Nixon…for all the glam! Thanks so much for stopping by today…..xoxo