Happy Friday Beautiful People….today I want to chat about Forgiveness….my mother used to say if you live long enough, you will be hurt, disrespected and offended by someone…..well y’all she ain’t never lied about this one! And although forgiving isn’t always easy…it’s necessary….for YOU/ME so that we can move on to receive all the wonderful blessings that are ahead for us!


Let’s just keep it real y’all…at some point in our lives we will be hurt or cause hurt to someone…be it a family member, co-worker, your Boo, best friend, a stranger on the street….it’s going to happen and more times than others, it will be by someone who you thought would never do this to you…but it happened and so what do you do….you have to forgive. It’s truly that simple.


Always remember, that we all are forgiven by GOD each and every day…I know some hurts are harsher than others and some hurts we will never forget….but, we need to find forgiveness so that we can get though and move on with our lives.


An unforgiving heart makes us unattractive….we have to let go of the hurt that was done to us….also, an unforgiving heart makes us an ungrateful person….let’s not forget all that GOD has done for us after we were hurt….GOD not only looks at how the person hurts us, but GOD looks at how we respond to the hurt! And remember, just because you forgive someone, it doesn’t mean you have to stay in contact with the person, you don’t have to deal with them, you don’t have to do lunch and you don’t have to take their phone calls….the forgiveness is for YOU….so that YOU can move on!


We have to remember that through all the hurt and disrespect that someone did to us, and yes, we may never forget it, but know that GOD will always work things out and for me, I have to testify that GOD truly put my brokenness back together and made me stronger from it…GOD continued to bless me though it all y’all.


Getting my walk with GOD back to a place where I can truly feel a difference in my life than where I was a few years ago, has been the best thing ya’ll…I have an inner peace that is a peace given by GOD…to the point that when things happen, I just don’t let it effect me like I would have a few years ago…I’m truly at the point where I can honestly say, “Oh well, it is what it is” and move on….my prayer when I awake each day is to be a better person than I was the day before. Thank you all for stopping by today…I truly want all of you to have the best 2019 possible…if you are holding on to hurt from 2018 and years beyond, let it go y’all…don’t block your blessings…you all deserve the best and WE deserve to win…I’m sending so many hugs and positive vibes to you all….have a wonderful weekend and stay FABULOUS…xoxoxo


Images captured by the lovely H Marie Photography and Glam by MUA, Amber Abramson! Details on the fashion can be found here!