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Janie Medley6 Comments

Do Everything in Love….Corinthians 16:14. Since tomorrow is Valentine’s Day, I thought I would post about LOVE…and not just relationship love…I’m speaking on love for each other…not only for the people we know but for the stranger we pass by on the street or the person in line at the check out counter at Target….one thing for sure about the Bible, scripture can be interpreted differently for the one reading it…I say that to say that you may not feel the same way I feel on “Do Everything in Love”….you may have an entirely different meaning to these words.

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For me…I have a big heart…I love helping people and in the past, this big heart has caused me to have my heart and my feelings hurt because unfortunately, people will take your kindness as a weakness and will use you….let’s just say, lessons learned and duly noted. I learned and moved on and no need to get angry and hold hatred against those for you’ll only be hurting yourself…always know that God sees all and knows all…so don’t block your blessings because of someone’s actions toward you. What you did for the person(s) was truly out of love and love for God and God knows what is truly in your heart.

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I have also learned through the years that whatever you do for someone, it has to be from a place of love…not a place of expecting someone to return it back to you one day when you are in need. Now, don’t get me wrong…when someone has been there for me, I’m there for them 100%…but sometimes the ones you do the most for are the ones that aren’t there for you when you need, but that’s just me. So, I say this to say that if you Do Everything In Love, then you won’t be disappointed because you are simply doing it from a place of love and not for anything to be given back to you…but, trust me…God will take care of you…he sees you and He knows your heart!


“Do Everything In Love”….for me it simply means to do everything with a cheerful heart…not for what I could get in return…simply because it’s the right and loving thing to do…if we would spend more time helping each other and to raise each other up…to be there for each other….it’s really something so easy to do!

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Thanks so much for stopping by today….I’m sending you all lots of positive vibes and hugs….xoxoxo

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Dress from Banana Republic and Coat from Zara! And yes, I’m wearing golden tights…I love the hot pink and yellow combo….what do you think…is this a color combo that you would ROCK!


Thanks so much to my girl Ali of Alisandra Photography for capturing all the fun and to my girl Erika of Erika Nixon for my glam!