Janie Medley2 Comments


Janie Medley2 Comments

Happy Monday Beautiful People….it’s the start of a new work week and I hope you all had a wonderful weekend…I want to first thank you for stopping by Medley Style…I appreciate your support and I must be honest with you and let you know there are times when I feel like giving up on my blog and all that goes along with it…at times, I feel like I’m stuck and not making a difference…and at these times, I’ll get an email, a comment or I’ll see someone out and about and they let me know that I’ve helped them through a situation…they appreciate my positive words…or they are motivated to update their wardrobe….I say this to say, I’ve been through too much to give up on my dream…I had to get my fight back…my creativity back….there are so many things that I want to accomplish…lives that I want to help change for the better as I pray that I’m a better person each day than the day before!


I don’t know what you maybe going through and you may feel that quitting is the solution….and no, I can’t tell you what is the right thing to do, but I encourage you if you can, to hold on and don’t quit…get your fight back y’all…get that creativity back…you maybe at the point where you need help making that dream come true. For me, I’m always the one giving help so it’s kind of hard for me to ask for help, but I did last week and over the weekend one of my “nieces” came over and helped me with some things for my blog and we had such a great time and I actually got a few things checked off my list! You know, one thing I have to realize is that when someone helps me, that makes them feel good…we need to let others be a blessing to us.

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Outfit Details: Left - Leather jacket from Macy’s and pants (last season) from ASOS.

Right - The Rina Jumpsuit from Maggy London!

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When you feel like quitting, encourage yourself y’all. Envision you’ve already reached that goal and literally speak life into it. I know you get tired, especially when it seems like nothing is changing…and maybe you need to do something different…maybe you need to rethink and change some things and that’s totally okay…we are going to make some mistakes a long the way and find that there’s a better method to all the madness…you maybe at the point where you need others to help you and that’s actually a great sign!

Outfit Deets - Coat, (I’ve had it for a few seasons) from ASOS….sweater and eyelash skirt last season from Banana Republic. Opposite: Dress - Banana Republic!

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I constantly listen to inspirational sermons and music…now don’t get it twisted, I listen to my R&B and Jazz and I have my favorite hip hop as well…what I’m trying to share with you is that positive words and music is key for me…it gives me encouragement and it makes me happy…bottom line…put all positive in your life…I’ve shared with you before that I don’t get into the gossiping and negativity and when someone tries to enter my circle with it, I won’t allow it! Also, for me I think about what my foremothers and forefathers had to endure in order for me to even be here and live my life. The strength and the fight they had, I can’t even come close to it…so I have to push myself knowing that they are all rooting for me.

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So, I don’t know if this post was for you today, but if it was, “Get Your Fight Back….Don’t Give Up”…I believe in you and know that it’s gonna be okay….remember, stay FOCUSED! Get help, stay positive and pray and talk to God…he’s got us and WE Can Do This!! Have an AMAZING day!…xoxo

Outfit Deets - Jacket (old) Banana Republic. Dress (old) ASOS and boots from last season DSW.

Opposite - Sweater and Pants from H&M and Coat (old) from Talbots.

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Thanks so much to my girl Ali of Alisandra Photography for capturing all the fun…Ali ROCKS!