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Janie Medley6 Comments

Happy Monday Y’all…I hope your weekend was great and here we are at the start of a new week…today I want to chat about “Knowing Your Self Worth”! Do we really know our self worth? Over the weekend, I spent some time with a few of my beautiful nieces…they are beautiful inside and out…all so kind…all so loving…all so giving…all so intelligent…all that will definitely change the world for the good! During the course of the conversation while we were having brunch…one of my beautiful nieces begin sharing that she knew in heart that she needed to end the relationship she is currently in. I asked her why and what was going on.

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As she begin to tell me what was going on, the look on my face must have changed drastically, because the feelings that came over me were ones of concerned, confusion and sadness. Concerned and confusion because what she was saying to me, she should have been out of this relationship months ago…and sadness because I’m looking at her and I’m saying to myself…”she has no clue how beautiful she is…inside and out”! So, I stopped her in mid sentence and I asked her if she truly knew her self worth. She begin to cry and she said, “no, I honestly don’t”! She was so down and negative on herself. This totally surprised me….footnote…as I always say, please stop judging people…you never know what someone is going through by the way they look!

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We all gathered around her and showed her love and we all prayed together. I begin to chat with all of my girls….first letting them know how much I loved them….and then I begin to do my Auntie duties….here’s the thing…we all are going through something…we all have our insecurities…I let them know that I have been where they are and from lessons learned this is what I know and believe….

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  1. You have to know your self worth. It’s a part of becoming a whole person. It’s a process and one that you need to take while you’re not in a relationship. This way, when the right person comes along, you’ll be in a place in your life where you will know YOU…you’ll be stronger, confident, and wiser.

  2. Don’t look for others to build you up. Speak positive over your life and encourage yourself. Look in the mirror in the morning and tell yourself how beautiful you are…..how fierce you are….it’s not an “ego” thing and it’s not an “arrogant” thing….YOU have to know and believe this…know that GOD made YOU and in his likeness…so YOU are simply beautiful!

  3. Spend alone time getting to know you…mediate, pray, just simply talk to GOD, listen to music, read and even watch some silly television…just learn to enjoy your own company…and here’s a personal footnote…I know my relationship is getting closer with GOD because when I’m home alone, I don’t feel alone!

  4. On the flip side, make certain you have that “sister circle” where you can get together with the girls and bond and enjoy each other’s company. You need to have that one person that you can talk to and if you need to talk with someone on the professional side, go for it. There could be something in your past that you need to confront and you need someone professional to talk to.


Ladies….know your self worth and be true to yourself….love yourself! I know it’s hard on our journey and everyone’s journey is different…life is hard y’all…at times harder than other times but know that we are here for a purpose…there is something so special and unique about each and everyone of us….we need to find that purpose and know that we are worthy….don’t let anyone treat you like you’re not…some will try but don’t you let them and if they have already, you now know to not let them do this to you again…we are children of GOD…so beautifully and wonderfully made….please always remember this…take the time to know your self worth and to know who you are and to become whole. I’m sending you lots of positive vibes and hugs…have a beautiful day and thank you so much for stopping by today…xoxoxo

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Thanks so much to my beautiful and true friend Ali of Alisandra Photography for capturing all the pics. Love you Ali!!