It's My Birthday!

It's My Birthday!!!!......YASSSSSSSSS Beautiful People!.....Today, I celebrate 59 and FABULOUS!....and let me first give thanks and honor to God for blessing me to see another year...for my health and strength...for my family and my friends....but most of all for "saving me"!  Now let the celebration begin!  Even though I'm not physically with you all...I am celebrating with you all in spirit!


For my Birthday shoot, I wanted to keep it classic with my favorite black maxi T-shirt dress from ASOS....I love the pleated details at the bottom and I didn't want to wear a necklace...just my mama's gold bracelet and my black suede heels from Steve Madden....Erika said she wanted to keep my makeup neutral for this look and I love it....and my girl JD always comes through on the hair....I wanted to incorporate balloons so I choose all black and yellow with polka dots....I love the way it all turned out and with Ali capturing it all, well let's just say, I really love my Birthday pics...thank you Ali and Erika and these ladies!


Whenever I go back home to the town I grew up in, everyone always says I look more and more like my mom...but I think I look like my mom and my parents were the best...I miss them and there is not a day that goes by that I don't think of them....I can't have a birthday celebration without giving them a huge shout out....shout out to Lucy Mae and Big John!


They say that the latter part of your life is better than the first....I believe that for many lessons I have learned...and so many blessings I have many goals still to achieve....okay 59...let's do this "thang" and Celebrate My Fabulousness along the journey....Happy Birthday to Me Beautiful People...sending you all positive vibes and birthday hugs....xoxoxo


Thank you Ali for all of the beautiful images... Alisandra Photography is the bomb dot com!