That Yellow Dress Though!

Hi Beautiful People and so sorry I didn't get a chance to post on let me start by asking how was your weekend.  Mine was nice and as zips by!  So, I had a mini photo shoot with my girl me some Ali.....and I got to wear this cute yellow dress...and it has pockets.....from Banana's actually called "Drape Back Dress" and the color is gold...but I'm saying "That Yellow Dress Though"!  I thought it would be fun to pair the dress with my blue suede shoes from Steve Madden and I got these cute BaubleBar Beaded Hoop Earring in turquoise from Target


Now for our daily dose of inspiration....Last night I was chatting with my girlfriend Charli...who is more like a niece to me and at times like a little sister....and here's the thing y'all...Charli and I have never met in person and we've been friends for about eight years...we connected over the "blog world" and we have helped each other out and have just always been there for one another....Charli is actually how I got to be featured in Essence magazine....I truly believe that God sends the right people at the right time to help you on your journey and at the time, we don't even have a clue.  At the time Charli and I met, she wasn't even working at Essence....but look how God orchestrated it's so important to have great friends in your life...yes, people come and go and you have to know that everyone isn't meant to be on this journey with you and some people are only meant to stay for a certain season....I hope this daily dose of inspiration can feed your soul in some type of way....sending you all positive vibes.....xoxo


Now back to the fashion.....don't you just love this dress y''s so simple....yet so chic and I'm seriously feeling a little sassy in it....YASSSS!  I also love pairing it up with the blue...the perfect pop of color for the yellow!


As Ali and I were leaving, we spotted this scooter (vapor) and you know we had to capture a picture of me standing by cute, right!


Thanks so much to Ali of  Alisandra Photography who always capture my images....Ali is so AMAZING to work with and to MUA Erika Nixon who is always there for the glam...Erika is AWESOME y'all....have a wonderful day and thanks so much for stopping by Medley Style.....xoxoxo