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Polka Dots + Ruby Woo

Janie Medley7 Comments
Polka Dots + Ruby Woo

Happy Monday Lovelies....I hope your weekend was awesome...mine was awesome...caught up with a couple of my girlfriends....attended church with my "brother from another mother"....always wonderful attending church and the message was awesome...I so need the word to start the week off on a positive vibe!


I have a thing for polka dots y'all...they just make me smile...I'm sure that sounds silly to some of you, but I'm just keeping it real with ya...they make me happy....see here and here and here!  So I'm stepping out of my "comfort zone" and showing just a little cleavage.... I got this dress a couple of years ago from ASOS for an event that I ended up not going to...I remember when I was shopping for a dress to wear, it was between this one and one that was a little more "conservative"...I sent both pics to my girlfriend and she immediately replied back, "get the polka dot one Boo...it'll show what ya working with"...I'm sure you guys have one of those friends...love her!!  The dress has been hanging up in my closet for two years now and for this shoot, I decided to "shop my closet"....so glad I need as I totally forgot how cute and sassy it is!


Ruby Woo is one of my favorite lipsticks and as you can see, it's a BOLD color...some people even tell me that they like the shade of lipstick I'm wearing and then they follow up by saying that it's too BOLD for them.  Well, I don't know about you guys, but there are times when we have to be BOLD...we have to come with a BOLDNESS...not an arrogance...but with a BOLDNESS....don't be intimated, don't be scared, don't hold your head down in shame...you have got to bring your fierceness and your swag and know that God is getting ready to take you to another level...I don't know who this is for or what you're going through, but please know, you are not alone...there's better on the other side of what you're going through so be BOLD and go get your blessing....xoxoxo


Fashion Deets:  I got this dress a couple of years ago from ASOS ....it's not at ASOS any longer, but you can find a few favorites here,  here, here and here....and I'm carrying my cute Kelly & Katie Straw Crossbody bag (I removed the straps) and my white sandals by Vince Camuto from DSW. 


Images captured by my beautiful and talented friend Ali of  Alisandra Photography and makeup by my beautiful friend and talented MUA Erika Nixon.  Have a beautiful day y'all and remember to be BOLD and to always celebrate your FABULOUSNESS!.....xoxoxo