Essence Magazine Feature

Hi Lovelies....if you follow me on my social media, you probably know that I've been shouting from the roof top and doing my "happy dance" because I'm so honored and so humbled to be feature in the July/August issue of Essence magazine.  I've always dreamed about being featured and when I think about the women that I love and admire and who have inspired me that have been feature in Essence and now, God has blessed me with this AMAZING is truly something to celebrate....and with Janet Jackson on the cover...OMG...Love her!

essence magazine janet jackson cover.jpg

I have to start by thanking the beautiful and oh-so-sweet, Charli Penn and the AMAZING staff at Essence for giving me this opportunity....thank you all so much....and a HUGE thank you to all that have read my "article" and have sent me the most heart felt emails, comments, texts and DM's....I appreciate you all....and to my girls, Ali of  Alisandra Photography who always capture my images and to MUA Erika Nixon who is always there for the glam...Erika is such a talented young women and she's also featured in this issue and to my girl, JD for the hair!


CELEBRATE YOUR FABULOUSNESS!  Sometimes in life we are so busy helping others that we totally forget ourselves.  In a few weeks, I'll be celebrating 59 years (God willing) and I'm looking forward to this latter half of my life.  Life can be hard and if you've been on this Earth for a number of years, you can truly testify to what I'm saying.  The past couple of years have been a learning process for me in that I had to learn to forgive those that have hurt me and it's not so much what they did to hurt to me....the hurt is the ones that did the hurting...people who you thought would NEVER do this to you.....I have found and it's really sad to say, but the people you help the most are the ones that cause the hurt.....through it all, I have gotten my relationship back with God in a way that was totally needed for spirit had been broken and I give God all the glory because he kept me...he made me stronger and he made me realize I had to forgive those who hurt me for me...not for them! I woke up one day and it was like a ton of weights had been lifted up off me....I share this with you as a testimony because I don't want you all to think that yes, you see me in the pretty clothes and in the pretty pictures, but trust me...I'm human and I go through "stuff" just like everyone else....keep God first in your life and always know that you are beautiful and strong and you need to celebrate yourself and encourage yourself!

Essence Magazine Janie Medley Feature.jpg

So, here I Essence magazine and being able to inspire YOU and YOU to inspire me. Dreams do come true and to all of the women who celebrate 50+ and FABULOUS.....I salute you and I thank you for being on this journey with me....we are going to have some serious fun y'all and I'm so excited...always remember...YOU ARE FABULOUS!!....xoxoxo