DIY Flower Drawer

Hi I want to share a quick DIY with you and trust is super easy and soooooo pretty!  I love flowers and I always say that fresh flowers in the home makes the home smile!

diy flower drawer 1.jpg

Now this DIY is perfect if you are hosting a special event in your home and you just need a little pretty to make everything special for your guests.  

This is what you'll need and this totally depends on the size you want your flower drawer to be.....for mine, I used 5 single bud vases which I purchased at the craft store for $1.00 each.  For the bud vases, I purchased one bundle of ranunculus at Trader Joe's and for the plants to be placed in the drawer, I purchased four potted plants from the local nursery.

diy flower draw ingredients.jpg

Clean the stems of the single stems flowers and give them a cut and place them in the bud vases as seen below.

diy flower draw instructions.jpg

Next, place the potted plants in the drawer...depending on how deep the drawer is, you may need to place pieces of rolled paper in the drawer to elevate the potted plants.

diy flower drawer instructions.jpg

And you're done.  So quick and easy and easy....after the event, you can plant the potted plants in your garden.  Have a beautiful day Lovelies and thanks so much for stopping by today....and all the beautiful images captured by Love By Serena ........xoxo

diy flower drawer 2.jpg