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Magnolia and Fruit Garland

Janie MedleyComment
Magnolia and Fruit Garland

Today I'm sharing an easy DIY with you that's perfect for the holiday season - Magnolia and Fruit Garland.  So simple and easy to make...let's get started!

garland-1 copy.jpeg
garland-2 copy.jpeg

The ingredients:

Magnolia Leaves
Privet Berries
Fruit: Persimmons, Figs, Kumquats

garland-3 copy.jpeg

Start by placing the magnolia stems down the center of your dining table. My table will be set for 4, so I knew from the start that I would need a very long garland, and keep in mind that you need to leave space at the end for the place settings.

After placing the first magnolia stem, you will place the second stem with the leaves covering the stem of the first piece. Continue this process to the middle of the table and repeat the same process starting from the other end of the table.

Now, start placing your fruit and berries within the garland and play around with the placement, there’s no wrong or right. Also, place the vessel that you will use for any floral/candle/food arrangement in the middle of the garland. This will help you with the placement of the fruit and berries.

garland-4 copy.jpeg
garland-5 copy.jpeg
garland-6 copy.jpeg

This DIY holiday garland is so easy to make and totally cost effective.  I actually got the magnolia leaves from a friend!  I hope that you will try this and let me know how it turns out.  Thanks so much to Alisandra Photography for hanging out with me and capturing all the details...xoxoxo