Heyyyy Beautiful People….in ten days, I’ll be celebrating the 60th birthday…I’m thanking GOD in advance for grace and new mercies and giving much thanks for my health and strength and so happy to be here for a new chapter… I said, I’m thanking GOD in advance.

When I was a little girl, I never dreamed of me getting married and having babies…I wasn’t the little girl that fantasized about her wedding day….don’t get me wrong, I think marriage is a beautiful thing when you are blessed with the right person. I’ve never been married and I don’t have any children…that is biological children…for those who know me know that I have many “children” and many “nieces” and my Mali and Maykayla…the grand kids!


For the past 3 years, I’ve been “single” i.e., not in a relationship…but to truly be honest, it’s been longer than that because when I was in my last relationship, my ex was in a relationship that I didn’t know about…hence the word ex…so, actually I was “single” during that time, I just didn’t know that I was. But, that’s life and things happen and I’m not here to bash my ex, just giving you a little background information for the topic, “The Single Life….After 50”.


After the breakup, of course I went through the “healing process”…you see, I had been in this relationship for several years…kind of like Oprah and Steadman, without the money….insert laughter! Anywho, I’ve never been the kind of person who gets out of one relationship and immediately goes into another one. For me, I need time to myself and this time, because of all that went down, after a few months, I started seeing a therapist. Best decision ever. To be able to talk to someone who doesn’t know the parties involved was so wonderful y’all. For me, the breakup was like a death, so, basically there was a mourning but through it all, getting my relationship to a deeper level with GOD was my turning point.


Getting to know “ME” ….I mean truly taking the time to get to know myself because I had truly lost myself….when I look back over my last relationship, I can now see how I let that happen to myself…I stopped putting myself first and just a side note for you…it’s not selfish to put your self first sometimes…..

For me, The Single Life After 50 is totally cool y’all. I’m still working on me and getting to know me and everyday, working on my relationship with GOD…I can see the changes and it’s all good y’all. I’m not ready to get back into a relationship…I’ve still got some work to do on myself. I’m getting there y’all….it is truly a journey and I’m taking my time and having patience.

I enjoy my own company and I’ve never had an issue going out to dinner or to a movie by myself. I enjoy meeting the ladies out for brunch or having a ladies night out. So, if anyone is ever wondering that being Single After 50 is not a good thing to be, I want to let you know that WE are doing just great! Trust me, we are just fine and yes, we are FINE and Single After 50!


Thanks so much to my girl Ali of Alisandra Photography for capturing all the images and all the looks are from Maggy London! Have a beautiful day and thanks so much for stopping by…xoxo