IT'S MY BIRTHDAY Y'ALL......60 WHAT???????

July 19, 1959….that’s my “born day” Beautiful People and today, I’m thankful…so thankful to be here to celebrate 60 years young! Do I feel any different entering a new decade….I do….and it’s all good y’all…I’ll write a post soon on “what I learned in the 50’s” but today I want to celebrate 60…but one thing I will say and one major thing that I learned in my 50’s….the struggles…the brokenness…the ups and downs are truly God preparing us to be a better version of us and for all that God has prepared for us…..and that what we go through on the journey isn’t all the time about us….it’s about being able to be a testimony to someone else.


So hello to 60 and I look forward to the new chapter…I honestly can’t believe how quickly it came….trust me y’all….try not to waste your time on your journey….time is definitely something that we can’t get back and for those of us who at times feel like we have truly wasted so much time in our lives, I’m here to tell you and I have to remind myself, it all works out somehow in the end, so don’t beat yourself up…life is hard enough…forgive yourself and move on to the positive!


I’m excited to enter this new chapter y’all….I can honestly say I’m really getting to know me…there are so many things that I want to accomplish and I’m not afraid of hard work so that’s what I’ll continue to do…push myself when I feel like I can’t and encourage myself when I need it! I’m so thankful y’all for the most wonderful family and friends….so thankful for all the wonderful people that God has placed in my life….so thankful for all of you who take the time out of your day to stop by and visit Medley Style and to take the time to leave comments…I truly appreciate you all!


There’s a lot of celebrating going on for this birthday and I can’t wait to share all the fun with you in an upcoming post but for now, I just want to say…..”HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME”….60 YEARS YOUNG! Oh my gosh y’all….I’m just soooooo excited and so thankful…I can’t even explain what I feel…just loving life through the ups and downs….sending you all lots of positive vibes and hugs….xoxo


Fashion Deets: Dress from Zara… from DSW by Steve Madden.


Thanks for much to Damian Parker for capturing my BDay pics. This was my first time working with Damian and it was as if I had known him forever! You can follow Damian here and here…..he ROCKS!

For my BDay glam, thanks so much to my beautiful friend and MUA, Erika of Erika Nixon for my glam! Erika is such a wonderful friend and truly a beautiful person, inside and out….love you E!