Happy Wednesday Lovelies….I hope your week has been great so far and if there have been a few bumps in the road as they will come…know that it’ll get better! Today it’s all about the cute kinky curly wig I’m wearing from Rhythm Wigs, she’s called R-E-S-P-E-C-T! She’s too cute and if you’ve seen the previous three blog posts, here, here and here, you know that I’ve been having so much fun wearing all the different looks and trying something new.


So, what’s your take on wearing wigs…would you….have you….are you the person who judges those that do? My mom and her sisters all wore wigs so it’s not a new thing for me and yes, the styles have come a long way and for me, being a stylish 50+ woman, I’m enjoying trying the new styles and taking it a step further and trying some color in the mix.

Having met Angella, owner and creator of Rhythm Wigs, has been such a joy…her wigs are custom made to fit and honestly ladies, it doesn’t even feel like you’re wearing a wig…they all feel so natural and they all have a different personality…so much so that you have to name each one…Angella has a name for each unit, but trust me, when you put one on and look into the mirror…you’re seeing a brand new woman with a confidence and a swagger that is unstoppable!


Now, let’s chat about this cute dress and straw bag from Zara…YASSSSS…I’m loving it…so fun and I’m loving the length and yes, ladies…let’s show a little leg…it’s totally fine…this is such a fun look look for date night or hanging out with the girls or better yet, take yourself out and enjoy!


Thanks so much to my wonderful friend and AMAZING photographer,  Ali of Alisandra Photography for capturing all the pics and special thanks to Amber for all the glam…make sure you follow her here!