Happy Monday Beautiful People! I’m so excited to share today’s blog post with you…my niece Crystal of The Other Crystal is hanging out with me. Crystal and I have a very “special” relationship…special in the fact that yes, I’m old enough to be her mom and her auntee, but yet, she’s actually one of my best girlfriends! As you can see, she’s a beautiful young woman not only on the outside but on the inside as well and she’s so gifted and talented….she’s going to be in Hollywood one day making films and changing the world…trust and believe y’all!


I’m so thankful to have Crystal in my life and also thankful to be in hers…we became close as we were both going through a stage in our lives where we were broken on the inside…well, I went through the brokenness first and of course I survived….at the time I had no idea that my surviving my brokenness would be a blessing to help her through her brokenness…it’s so amazing how God works things out for the good so that we can be a help to someone else….and here’s the thing y’all, I couldn’t of been of help to her unless I could relate to what she was going through.


We both have grown closer to God and we both have gotten wiser and stronger….Crystal is a true cheerleader in my life…she always sends me a Good Morning text each day and always beautiful words of encouragement. As I’m writing this, she just texted me the sweetest note….Oh, my gosh now how funny is that! I so enjoy helping “young folks” and being there to inspire and encourage but let me share that they do the same for me and that’s what so cool about our relationship…even though I’m old enough to be the auntee or the mom, she’s helped me in so many ways that she’s not even aware of…I’m so happy that we were able to do the shoot together….we had so much fun and I look forward to seeing all the beautiful things that are to come for Crystal!v


Fashion deets…Don’t you just love the spring hues of our outfits….the soft yellows and pinks and the print that Crystal is wearing is sooo pretty for Spring…..I told her to show up in a outfit made for brunch with the girls and I can totally see us having brunch and just enjoying the day! Crystal’s outfit and my shirt are from H&M and my skirt and straw bag are from Zara…and my shoes from DSW….and Crystal’s shoes are from Target and her handbag is from my closet….and I’m wearing the pretty unit from Rhythm Wigs….she’s called “Loving You” and she’s perfect for this look!


Capturing all the images is my wonderful friend and AMAZING photographer,  Ali of Alisandra Photography and special thanks to Amber for all the glam for me and for Crystal…make sure you follow her here!