Before I begin, I want to acknowledge this day…Memorial Day! Happy Memorial Day All and remember to pause and give thanks to the military men and women who have served our nation and to those who continue to serve our nation each and every day!

Memorial Day weekend is officially the start of Summer and with the weather heating up, comes a totally new vibe for the “OOTD”…..Outfit of the Day! One of my favorite new essentials in my wardrobe is the Slip Dress….although the slip dress has been on the scene for a few seasons, I just made the purchase this year…a couple of months ago and I actually brought two…both are from Zara…..find them here and here.


The slip dress has become one of my favorite things to wear…they are literally so easy to “slip” into. You can wear it with a jean jacket and heels for a chic day look and lose the jean jacket for night out! Also try pairing it with an oversized sweater for a completely different vibe seen here.


Slip dresses come in so many beautiful colors and designs…you are sure to find one or two that you will fall in love with….and remember that you can wear your slip dress all year round. I’ll be posting on this at a later date…sharing how I’ll style mine for the Fall…but for now…it’s all about the summer looks.


You know I can’t leave you without a dose of inspiration….last week was the “Don’t Give Up” week for me….not only for me but for a few of the ladies that follow me on social media and a couple of my friends….I was like WOW…what is going on and okay, it’s not just me! I share this to simply say, don’t give up y’all…..whatever it is that you are trying to accomplish…hang in there…encourage yourself and we need to encourage each other……leave a comment letting me know what do you do to encourage yourself or others. Let’s help each other out Beautiful People….Thank you so much for stopping by and I’m sending you all lots of hugs and positive vibes….xoxoxo


Fashion Deets: This jean jacket is an oldie y’all…I’m talking 10+ years old…..the shoes are from DSW and the handbag from Free People!


Thanks so much to my girl Ali of Alisandra Photography for capturing all the details and to my girl Erika of Erika Nixon for my glam!