I always say that you never know what someone is going through by looking at them on the outside….we all have a story to tell…on this journey there are times where we find ourselves going through some painful moments…and we can’t avoid it! BUT GOD….I have found myself saying these two precious words over and over and over….it’s what we do with those BUT GOD moments…we can take these moments and somehow find the purpose in the pain in order to help and uplift others and this is exactly what the founder of Shine Life did when she and her husband begin creating all of the beautiful and inspirational pieces in their jewelry collection at Shine Life!


Hilary, the owner of Shine Life, truly has a BUT GOD story…you can read it here and I encourage you to do so…Hilary shares with us about the loss of her son and the miscarriages that followed and then to get pregnant and it looks like everything is going along fine and she goes into an early labor at 26 weeks and their baby girl is given a 20% chance to live. BUT GOD….fast forward, this beautiful baby is now in first grade and she also has 3 little sisters. Look at GOD y’all….how wonderful is this. Such a blessing!

20190404_medleystyle_0152 (3).jpg

Hilary and her husband found healing in creating inspirational pieces to help others through their struggle. As you can see, I choose the BUT GOD inspirational piece…I choose this piece because when I think of some of the things I have been through on this journey, I know the only reason I made it through to the other side were truly my BUT GOD moments.

20190404_medleystyle_0141 (2).jpg

Head over to Shine Life and check out all the inspirational pieces and it’s the perfect time to shop…the perfect gifts for Mother’s Day y’all. I’m so loving my necklace y’all…it’s truly so special to me….it’s a reminder to me of what GOD has brought me through. The special thing for me with Shine Life is that you can pick the inspirational message that encourages the person receiving the gift…giving them faith to trust in GOD. Check out a few special gifts for Mother’s Day here! And how cute is the boxing…I love it!

Thanks so much for stopping by today lovelies and thanks so much to Shine Life for all of the beautiful inspiration…and thanks so much to my girl Ali of Alisandra Photography for capturing all the images…..xoxoxo