Happy Monday Y’all! Over the weekend I got a phone call from one of “my nieces” asking if I could meet up with her at Panera because she needed to chat…and as any good Auntie would do, I threw on my jeans and tee shirt and a pair of flats and went to meet her. I got my favorite cranberry orange muffin and a coffee and she proceeded to tell me that she’s having a hard time getting over the breakup with her ex because she feels there was no closure.

She said she couldn’t really sleep and her stomach was always in knots so she really hadn’t been eating….as any good Auntie would do, I made her order something to eat because I did notice she had lost a little weight. Now, I totally knew where she was coming from as I felt the very same things she was feeling…that is back in my 20’s and 30”s. However, once I crossed over into the 40’s, that “closure” thing…oh no….I don’t need it…I’m good!

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My response to my niece was….”So, you are actually going to give someone this much control over your life”….so, you aren’t going to allow yourself to heal and move forward and live your life, until you have “closure” with this person. You do realize that this person may NEVER apologize to you..may never want to have a conversation with you…and what’s worse is that “the enemy…aka…the devil” doesn’t want you to move on…he wants to see us worried and upset…and with this being said, the enemy may work it out that your ex or whoever may never give you the opportunity to have closure. This is what the enemy wants…they want us to worry, be depressed, be unhappy, not move on to all the blessings that God has for us.


Personally, I think you/we just need to forgive the person(s)…not for them, but for ourselves and move on and live our lives. Not only that, what if you meet with the person and it doesn’t turn out the way you hope… things are worse!

Going through a heartbreak and having your feelings hurt is hard. There’s no special fix….we can’t put a band-aid on it…it just takes time and for me…much prayer and simply starting something new…you have to do self-care!

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How to move forward without closure….here are a few suggestions to help you get through the part of the journey:

  • Take your control back! As I stated above, don’t give anyone this can of control over your life. You have to do this!

  • Don’t judge yourself and blame yourself. Get up and get dressed…put on some makeup…do your hair and keep your head held high!

  • Get support from your friends and family. Let them know what you’re going through…talk about it…get it out…don’t keep it bottled up inside.

  • Be positive…think positive and give out positive vibes. And PRAY…ask God to help you get through this and to give you the strength to get through this.


Trust me…I’ve been there and you will get through this…just know that you can get though without closure…be it closure from an ex or from a friendship. I’m sending you positive vibes and lots of hugs…stay FABULOUS and know that you are a winner!….xoxoxo


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