Happy Monday Beautiful People! Today, I’m being a little transparent with you all. After chatting with the girls last week, I felt it necessary to write this post on the topic of “Letting it Go”, letting what go you may ask….letting go of hurt. WE have all been hurt at some point…there’s no way to avoid it…if you live long enough, it’s gonna happen. And, the hurt will probably come from someone who you thought would never hurt you….family member or close friend perhaps! Also, get prepared because you may never get an apology so don’t sit around waiting on one, especially if an apology is what you think will help you get over the hurt!


My conversation with the girls got a bit intense at times but it was much needed. One of the ladies was sharing that she was having a hard time forgiving someone who had hurt her….to the point where she had begin stressing and couldn’t sleep and having trouble eating.

Listen y’all, let me share with you how I got through the hurt from my ex. First and foremost…I had to forgive him…not for him but for me. It wasn’t about him…I had to do this for me. I had to get over all the lies, the deceit, the hurt, the embarrassment and the DISRESPECT. I had to y’all. I remember the day I got the phone call from the person my ex was cheating with…yes, you read it right and get this, we all go to the same church. When all of this came out, I actually stop going to church for almost a year. Yes, it took a little time, but thankful to GOD, I got my joy back and I started going back to church and I started my blog….Medley Style!


I have to share that I never tried to do anything to get back at my ex and I’m sure some would have and to be honest, for me, it just wasn’t worth it…what would that have done for me….I honestly believe that HURT PEOPLE HURT PEOPLE! Bottom line y’all….you have to let go and let GOD!


Now don’t get me wrong, I’ll never forget what happened, but I can honestly say that it is such a great feeling to let all that happened go…it was hard, I can’t lie to you, it truly was…..I didn’t want all that happened to block all the wonderful blessings that GOD has for me.

Remember y’all….GOD’s got this…whatever the “this” is that you’re going through. Take your hands off it and let GOD handle it…it’s when we put our hands on it is when GOD takes his hands off it. Forgive and move on…we have to be forgiven as well. I know in my heart that all I’ve gone through has a purpose and it’s according to GOD’s plan. Sending you all lots of positive vibes and hugs…..xoxoxo


Fashion Deets from J.Crew….Coat - Teddy Sherpa Topcoat Jeans found here……Tissue Turtleneck…..and the earrings are from Charming Chappell’s Jewelry…..how cute are these….make sure you check out her Instagram page!

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