My Favorite Fall Coats

Hi Lovelies.....Happy Tuesday and I hope you all had a wonderful holiday weekend...I don't know about you guys, but the weekends just seem to go by so quickly...honestly, the months just seem to fly we are in September...I'm so looking forward to fall weather....I actually love dressing for fall weather and today I'm sharing a few of my favorite fall coats...I actually purchased these coats within the last three years and they will never go out of style...I'm excited to style them with different looks this season....I also love the weight of each coat...totally light weight and they keep me warm!

Yes, I own a pink coat and I love it!  I purchased this coat about three years ago from ASOS I styled it with an all pink outfit for the holidays.


We all need a black coat...a neutral color...I purchased this coat last year.  It's the Shawl Collar Wrap Coat from Ann Taylor and I styled it with black leggings and an animal print top with a neutral pair of suede booties.


In addition to my pink coat, I also purchased from ASOS this Swing Trapeze coat in blue.  I love this coat  and it's perfect for those days when it's not too cold...just a chill in the air and the blue color is so unexpected...a really nice staple piece in my wardrobe. 


Now for something totally fun and totally cute...Ann Taylor's Faux Fur Belted Jacket .....we all need a fun jacket in the mix of all the many ways to style this fun jacket...I'm so excited for the fall ....what's your favorite coat...leave me a comment letting me know your favorite.....thanks so much for stopping by y'all....have a wonderful day....xoxo

A huge thanks to my beautiful friend Ali of Alisandra Photography for capturing all the images and to my girl Erika Nixon  for all the glam!!


Inspiration for the thought I forgot didn't you....I had lunch with the most beautiful (inside and out) young lady over the weekend...she's like a niece to me and she asked if I would meet for lunch because she needed to chat...we sit down and ordered and after we got our ice teas, she begin to share her story of what she was going through, I'm listening to her but I'm also thinking she clearly doesn't know her self truly sadden have to know your self worth ladies....Jesus said, "Don't cast your pearls before swine".  Your Pearls....what is it about you that is valuable to you.  Your time, your love, your emotions, your peace, your body, have to identify what is it about you that is valuable to YOU!  Once you have identified "your pearls", you have to be so very careful (and this can be hard), to not to put your pearls in the mix of someone or some thing that will never appreciate the value of  your pearls....swine will treat your pearls and garbage the same way...I know this may sound harsh but it's simply real talk and this is something you need to apply to all relationships...know your self worth!