The Giving Keys!

It’s the weekend Beautiful People…what do you have planned….it’s going to be a low key weekend for me…I will be attending a friend’s 70’s theme birthday party…I’m sure we’ll bring back the “Soul Train Line”! So, I had a photo shoot last week and for this shoot, I decided to “shop my closet”….and look what I found with the price tag still in place….this cute jumpsuit from South Moon Under that I purchased a couple of seasons ago…and it’s still in style ladies…when shopping, I like choosing pieces that will be in style from season to season….what about you…are you more of “trendy shopper” or do you select more of the “classic” pieces…leave a comment letting me know.


For our daily dose of inspiration, I’m want to focus on “strength”…the necklace that I’m wearing was given to me by a very special friend…her name is Kathy but I call her Katina….so if she’s reading this…yes, I’m talking about you Katina! For my birthday this year, Katina gave me “The Giving Keys”….which is a classic key necklace with an inspirational word on the key…the chosen word on the key is specifically for something that the recipient is going through…Katina chose the perfect inspirational word for my key….”STRENGTH”!


2018 has been an emotional year for me y’all….it all started on January 2nd with my niece being admitted to the hospital…I would visit her on a daily and often times on the weekends, a couple of times each day….my niece was in the hospital for exactly six months and she went home to be with the Lord on June 30th….in between all the visits, I was working my full time job, at times working a part time job and blogging and doing photo shoots….I share this to say that I would always pray for strength for me and my family…I would always ask Katina to pray for me and ask God to give me the strength I needed to make it from moment to moment…and he did…I look back sometimes and I wonder how I made it through…but God was always there…leaving the hospital late at night sometimes I would be so emotional while driving, but God got me home safe…so you see, when I opened my BDay gift from Katina and it was The Giving Key with the word STRENGTH…it was truly a special gift for me….I’m supposed to “give” the necklace to someone who needs STRENGTH, but I think I’ll be holding on to my necklace while I’m on this journey….thank you so much Katina for being a special friend but more importantly for being such a giving person…xoxo


Have a great weekend y’all and thanks so much for stopping by Medley Style! I truly appreciate you all so much…we all have a story to share and I don’t know what you are going through, but know that you are going to get through it….trust me…I’m sending you all lots of positive vibes and hugs and remember to be kind y’all and stay FABULOUS…..xoxoxo


Thanks so much to Ali of Alisandra Photography for capturing all the images and to  Erika Nixon  for all the glam!!