Is He Flirting With Me?

Hi Lovelies....and yes, you read the title of post correctly...."Is He Flirting With Me"?  So, here's the deal...since I've been "single" and let me first define "my single"...not in a relationship, not talking to anyone at the moment, not texting anyone at the moment, have not given out my number or taken anyone's number. So, when I'm out and about running errands, out to dinner, at the get the picture...guys will "flirt", stare and smile, some will speak and some will approach me. 

This all feels so new to me because I was in my last relationship for quite some time...well, the other night the girls were over for our "girl's night and I simply mentioned and I was a little giddy when I said it...I simply said that when I'm out that I "get a little attention" from the fellas.....for a second after I said this, their was complete silence in the room.  They all looked at each other and then looked at me and said..."Janie, why are you surprised by say this like the fellas wouldn't flirt with you or approach you". 


Oh my gosh y'all, I had to laugh at myself....I told the girls that I think my issue was that I was with my ex for so many years and during that time, maybe I somehow just didn't notice when someone flirted or even noticed me...or maybe during this time I gave off the "I'm taken vibe"!  

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Two nights ago I was at dinner with friends and I noticed the guy sitting two tables from us...he was giving me the stare on the sly and the smile...and I smiled back (being the courteous and kind person that I am) and of course I'm checking to see if there's a ring on the finger, which for some people it really doesn't matter, (we'll talk about that at another time), as it happens we all leave the restaurant at the same time and he stops and introduce himself to me....he seemed to be a very nice guy...and we chatted briefly and he asked if I would take his number....I'm just not there yet y'all...but I'm so proud of myself because I allowed myself to open up and conversate with him....which let me know that I'm on the mend...well, actually I'm closer than I think...and yes, I just wrote a post last week on the Single Life but the "Is He Flirting With Me" is part of the single life.


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So, when I do have the first date, which outfit should I wear....I listed four on this feature...let me know what you think!


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