Don't Look Back!

Happy Wednesday Lovelies...I hope that your week is going great for you!  Today's post is a personal testimony for me....I hope that it will help someone as I feel like it's such a true testimony for many of us...."Don't Look Back"!  I know...I's much easier said than done, but let's face it...usually the things that are best for us are the's life y''s simply life!

"Don't Look Back".....can refer to many things...relationships (could be family, friends, marriage, your boo, your bae), your job (you may have gotten laid off or let go or maybe you didn't get the promotion you were hoping for), or maybe you simply didn't accepted into the college you always dreamed of going's different for all of us and some of us have experienced this more than once.

After you go through the initial hurt and often times shock, for me I had to remember that my past doesn't define who I am...I knew that this too shall pass and that it was part of my journey.  Of course, it wasn't a good feeling at the time but once I took my hands off the situation and stop trying to figure out why this happen, things started getting better.  Honestly y'all, for me, I think after the initial hurt and shock, a lot of the pain we bring on ourselves because we keep looking back and trying to figure things out...there's no need for this...I have learned this the hard way.  The one thing that you have to keep in mind that if God orchestrated the breakup, the layoff or whatever the circumstance....God has better for us....a better Boo, a better JOB, a better whatever it is that we need!  So remember, "Don't Look Back"....your/my future is so beautiful and shinning so bright...I'm your biggest cheerleader and you GOT THIS!  Remember to stay focused and yes there will be "those days" but push yourself and don't give up and "Don't Look Back"......xoxo


Now for the fashion.....when I was going through the going through, I received a lovely email from a company called Vibrate Higher.....the company has the coolest yoga/workout gear but you can also style their items as I did with a pair of jeans....and the coolest thing is that with each purchase, Vibrate Higher Pay It Forward and with each purchase, YOU provide a solar powered light to a family or child in cool, right! So head over and make a purchase for yourself and you'll be helping others in the process.


Now for the fashion accessories.....the perfect earrings for this laid back look are these beautiful gold filled hoops with the natural gemstone Amazonite from Gem Designs.  I LOOOVE these earrings...I received so many compliments on them and they are simply perfect for a casual yet chic look.  Head over to Gem Designs and see all the pretty designs to choose will love them!


I think these two pics sums it all up....put on your sunnies because your/my future is going to be so bright and when we take them off....all smiles!


Thanks so much to Ali of  Alisandra Photography for capturing all of the awesome pics and to Erika of Erika Nixon Beauty Pro for all the glam..and JD for taking care of the beautiful and talented "squad" these three ladies and thank you all for stopping by Medley Style......xoxo