All White Party

All White Party

Hi Beautiful People!  Lately on my Instagram, I've been sharing a lot of pics with me dressed in white or light color outfits...don't get me wrong, I love vibrant colors....but there are times when I'm in my monochromatic vibe and I'm either in all white or all black!  When we did this shoot a few weeks back, I was over at my friends Mary and Tim's beautiful home and it was the perfect backdrop for my "all white everything" look.  Now I'm just waiting to get invited to an "all white party" by Diddy!.....just sayin! 


I think this picture would be perfect for my book cover...what do you think!


Outfit details......the shirt is from Banana Republic......the pants are 3 years your closet ladies....earrings from J.Crew.....and the shoes are by Sam Edelman!


Images captured by my beautiful and talented friend Ali of  Alisandra Photography and makeup by my beautiful friend and talented MUA Erika Nixon.  A huge thanks to Mary & Tim at 17 Apart for letting us hang out in their beautiful home for this shoot.