The Green T-Shirt Dress

The Green T-Shirt Dress

Hi Lovelies......Happy Wednesday and I hope your week has been AMAZING so far!  I always find that by mid week I need a bit of a recharge in the "word".  The word from my pastor on Sunday gets me through Monday and Tuesday and by Wednesday, I'm so ready for another dose! While I'm getting ready for work in the morning, I'm actually listening to inspirational videos to help prepare me for my day.  Don't get me wrong, I also listen to my jazz and R&B and a little hip hop....but I find that hearing God's word is what I need to help me get though the day...keep a smile on my face....and to stay positive even when things get a little rough.  Have a beautiful day y'all and I'm sending you lots of positive vibes....xoxoxo


What I'm wearing....this T-Shirt Dress is from ASOS,  and I've had it for a couple of can find similar ones here ....... here .... and here. Beautiful bag from here.


Images captured by my beautiful and talented friend Ali of  Alisandra Photography and makeup by my beautiful friend and talented MUA Erika Nixon.  A huge thanks to Mary & Tim at 17 Apart for letting us hang out in their beautiful home and neighborhood for this shoot.