Hello Monday!

Hello Monday and Hello Beautiful People….It’s a new week and yes, where did the weekend go…the weekends seems to fly by….it’s like when you leave work on Friday afternoon, you blink and it’s Sunday morning and if you’re like me, you immediately think…Monday is next. Well….it’s a new week and with a new week, we never know what it will bring…I hope all great things for us…I pray all great things for us…but we all know sometimes, that’s just not the case.


My hope for you and myself is that whatever lies ahead for us in the week to come, we will come through with a win…whatever happened last week, let’s try not to look back…stay strong and keep pushing forward….maybe for some of us, we fell off the diet and had one or two ice cream cones from McDonald’s…oh, wait, that was me…sorry y’all, I am obsessed with McDonald’s ice cream cones….or maybe we didn’t make it to the gym as we had planned….okay, guilty again….I totally haven’t been to the gym…I actually went by there to change my membership status since I haven’t been going….or perhaps you didn’t get around to cleaning out the closet as you had planned….OMG…yes, that would be me…well, I did start the process a few weeks ago, but I do did to finish….yes y’all….I’m telling on myself!


So, now let me share a few things I did accomplish….on Saturday I hung out with the girls…it was about 17 of us…one of my girlfriends hosted a “get together”….a wine sip and see…we all had a ball…we laughed a lot, danced, played games and there were prizes…ate great food and the wine tasting was so much fun…even though I’m not a “drinker”….I do love all the fruity wines at Cooper’s Hawk…..I also listened to PJ Morton’s Gumbo Unplugged Live CD….if you haven’t heard this, trust me…you need to check it out…I love every song….I also had my brother/BFF Travis over for lunch on Sunday ….and I’m writing this blog post….so, you see…it was a very good weekend.

Outfit details can be found here.

20180906_medleystyle_0050 (1).jpg

Outfit details….the animal print bell-sleeve car coat is from Banana Republic and I purchased it last year…. The dress is from ASOS and I actually purchased it over two years ago and my over the knee boots I purchased at DSW last year.


I hope your weekend was fabulous…but whatever this week brings to us…for me, I go to God and pray for strength…no matter if things are good or when I’m going through the storm…it’s such an amazing thing to know that we can go to God in prayer and just talk to him and truly be ourselves for he knows what we are going through even before we do. Stay strong and stay fabulous and know that everything is going to be alright….I’m wishing all great things for you and thank you for stopping by today…xoxoxo


Outfit details….the top is from Ann Taylor from last Fall's collection......The wide leg black pants can be found here.....I also love these!


Images captured by my beautiful and talented friend Ali of  Alisandra Photography and makeup by my beautiful friend and talented MUA Erika Nixon.